Phase 1: See where you are

Understand your current position, your business plan, and the market you’re in.

Content audits

  • What content do you have?
  • How does it fit together?
  • Is it any good?

Over time, web content expands until no-one really knows exactly what’s sitting in cyberspace with your name on it.

A content audit is a very, very thorough look through your content. With your help we set the right questions, then dig deep for answers.

Whatever qualitative or quantitative facts you need, a properly-designed content audit can tell you. Typical questions can cover how much content you have, how current it is, what formats it's in, the systems that contain it, and how well it's written.


Strategy distillation

  • What does your business strategy actually mean to content producers?
  • How do you set content priorities?
  • Does the way you manage content fit your business?

We take the big ideas that fuel your business and work out how they can guide content creators and managers. This takes a mix of solid business sense and content expertise. However you want your strategy articulated, we document a content-specific version and draw direct lines between the big picture and your content work.

When the content team know what to prioritise, what to measure, and what to say ‘no’ to, their efforts are much more valuable.

Competitor analysis

  • Who else is chasing your audience?
  • How do you compare?
  • What advantages should you stress?

The internet is crowding your market. Keep proper tabs on your competition with an independent comparison of your website, messaging, brand, search prominence, social media presence and more

Messaging framework

  • Do your senior leaders understand and support your content decisions?
  • How do you unite your content’s different goals?
  • How will your story evolve as you tell it?

Your content expresses your brand, promises, values, and personality. It describes what you sell. It's a manifestation of your vision and an explanation of your entire business. How can words do all of that?

Your messaging framework guides the strategic and tactical decisions you make around content. It explains what you talk about, why you talk about it, and what you want your audience to get out of it. Frameworks typically look forward around 6-24 months.